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THE LIGHT IS ON - Confessions will be heard during Lent on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. starting March 4.  Confessions are also heard on Saturdays from 3:00 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.

Minutes of the PPC of November 7, 2019

Attendees: Christine Sullivan, Rev. Joe McCarthy, Deacon Chuck Landry, Peggy Reynolds, Pat Sweeney, Allen Eppich, Jim Neenen, Barbara McMorrow, Michelle Byrne, Sue Runne, Mimi Gallagher, Steve Dodge and Sean McLaughlin

Chris Sullivan called meeting to order at 7:06 PM.  The meeting began with a prayer to ask the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The minutes from September 12, 2019 were reviewed and approved.

Parish Council Membership - Fr. Joe requested that the current council stay in place to ensure continuity due to the fact that the continuation of St Thecla as a stand-alone parish is temporary.  The council agreed. Thus, it was decided that no elections for new members would take place.  

Finance Committee update of October count - Joe Caputo reported via email, which stated: “The ushers count of mass attendees in October was an average of 580. This was our lowest since 2013 when we had 580 as well. The #'s were skewed slightly as we had to count the Columbus day weekend which is usually omitted from the count October, this year only had 4 Sundays other years have had 5.  In any event, the attendance has been trending downward since the last quarter of FY 18.”

Collaboration Strategy - The question came up about whether the council needs to do anything to prepare for the upcoming collaboration.  To date, the process is unclear but it is assumed that the steps that need to be taken will be revealed in the future.  It is likely there will be trainings, planning meetings, etc. St Helen’s and St Mary’s are currently a collaborative but there has been discussion about those two parishes merging before we join them and thus we will collaborate with those merged parishes.  


St Thecla will be included in the development of the new church.  Part of this process will probably include figuring out which artifacts from the building can be brought over to the new church.  Also, to aid the effort of combining the three entities social activities and some co-parish coordination will likely begin. The circumstance the parish is in is fairly new, so the actual process is not well rehearsed.  

Parish Council Retreat - Barbara McMorrow has spoken with Dan Burn at Miramar about having them host the annual retreat.  The date is TBD but Barbara will try for March 5th.  Miramar will supply a priest for Mass.  

Capital Improvements - Discussion about outstanding building maintenance projects that may have started and need completion as well as about the things that need to be done to keep the building in good repair for the next few years, took place.  Issues with the heating system are in the process of being resolved.  Suggestions were made to replace the carpet, paint church interior, purchase new microphones and purchase new vestments for the clergy.  Also, the council feels the sign can be spruced up rather than replacing it at this time.

Religious Education/Youth Program Update - Updates include: The Christmas play will take place this year, twenty-seven children attended movie night this month, 7th graders are collecting warm clothing items for the homeless to be distributed through Fr. Bill’s, 8thgraders attended Mass this Sunday as part of their education, and the 9th and 10th grade students are involved with various service projects.  

Adult Ministries and Programs - There is not much to update from last meeting. It was suggested that personal invitation might be the most successful way to encourage volunteers to become Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers.  The current group could provide a “seminar” to train new volunteers and/or provide witnessduring some masses.  

Old/New Business - The Empty Bowl project is in need of a coordinator to be able to continue the ministry.  There are some potential volunteers that will be confirmed within the next few weeks.  

Parcel of land acquisition - To date, Fr. Joe is receiving positive feedback from the diocese about buying this parcel, but it is still under consideration.

New Church progress discussion - As of today, real estate lawyers, financial professionals and diocese experts have done much of the necessary planning for the construction of the new church however nothing has officially started.  Things are changing daily as the process moves forward.

Next Meeting date - The next meeting TBD

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM




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