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We have suggested many interesting books this year, and this one is no different. The Vengeance of Mothers by Jim Fergus (a superb writer) is a gripping tale, a history lesson infused with both sadness at the violence perpetuated against the Cheyenne and awe at the endurance of this remarkable group of women.  The author brings to light a time and a place in American history and fills it with unforgettable characters.  We read and discussed the author’s first book several years ago – One Thousand White Women.  It was awesome!  Please know we love welcoming new members!! Date: November 14th  Location: Pembroke Public Library  Time: 7 p.m.   Questions: Barbara McMorrow – (781) 293-9337 


Check out Deacon Jack Sullivan's website -  It contains a short biography, pictures, newspaper articles about his miracle leading to Bl. Cardinal Newman's beatification by the Pope, documentaries from EWTN and BBC, his writings about his miracle entitled the Communion of Saints, and other subjects.

ST. THECLA'S OUTREACH PROGRAM:  Could You Help??  Do You Need Help??  The Outreach Program at St. Thecla Parish is seeking new volunteers, as well as offering assistance to others. If you have previously offered your help, could you please do so again? “Outreach” is a “Ministry”, run by a group of parish volunteers, who do a number of things to assist those in need. We cook and bring meals into Pine Street once a month. We will visit people in their homes who are unable to attend church, and will bring the Eucharist. We will drive parishioners to Mass and/or to doctor’s appointments. We will run errands and will cook and deliver meals.  Help is needed in each of these areas. We ask that you pray for this ministry. Should you have a loved one or a neighbor who might like to be visited by a member of our team or if you feel you might be able to help…or would like more information…we ask that you call the rectory at 781-826-9786.


















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